Forskolean – Burn Extra Fat Faster! IT IS NOT SCAM!

Made with the famed ingredient Forskolin, Forskolean promises the world to those hoping to find a weight loss solution. But does it work? Let’s find out.

What is it?

Available for oral consumption, Forskolean helps in boosting body’s natural defense against weight gain by sending metabolism into overdrive to burn optimal fat. It further helps the body develop higher stamina and leaner mass and gives uses slim appearance.

Ingredients and How does Forskolean work?

The supplement contains Coleus Forskohlii root extract as the primary ingredient and has 10% of it in each serving. This  root extract has Forskolin that aids the hormone sensitive lipase to burn excessive fat within body through oral consumption.

Forskolin also assists in the production of  cAMP which is also called cyclic AMP which is a molecule that initiates thyroid hormone release in body. It results in the burning of surplus body fat and helps the metabolism access an overdrive mode and get the body to burn all unhealthy weight.

cAMP triggers certain enzymes-hormones production to boost the metabolism and helps in keeping the fat down.

Forskolin boosts thyroid hormone as well as testosterone secretion in body thus helps enabling the body develop leaner body mass.  


  1. Easy to use oral consumption
  2. Clinically proven results and ingredients
  3. Safety of consumption
  4. No side effects
  5. Manufactured in a safe, certified facility
  6. High positive customer reception


The product is very costly and you can only buy it by getting an online order and refunds take time.

How to contact customer care?

If you have any queries that you would like addressed directly by the Forskolean team then you can call on the Toll Free Customer Service number 866-885-5754 or you can use the support email option by writing an email to  [email protected]

Where to buy?

Only available through online orders in United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom, Forskolean can be ordered through its official website where you will need to fill out a form for getting your sample. Here are the order packages that you can choose from:

  1. A 7 bottle mega package allows users to purchase 4 bottles and get 3 free for the total cost of $197 with each bottle available at the discounted rate of $28.14.
  2. A 5 bottle monster package option allows you to buy 3 bottles and get 2 free with it for the total cost of $147.
  3. Or you can purchase a 3 bottle package for short term by shopping for only 2 bottles and getting one free with it for the total bill of $97.

If you just want to get one bottle then you will need shell out $47 for the bottle with some additional shipping, and handling costs.

Is it recommended?

Absolutely recommended. Forskolean has shown advanced results with many people who are writing in favor of it through their testimonials and customer reviews. the product is reliable and we would sure like to recommend a purchase of it.

Forskolean is the incredible weight loss breakthrough that is helping countless people lose weight without diet or exercise.